Eym + Lucy Williams

Eym candles, in refillable Murano glassware, designed with Lucy Willliams.

100% Natural feel-good fragrance
Refillable candles
Burn, refill and keep forever.

We are beyond excited to have co-designed our next two pieces of Laguna B glassware, with the wonderful Lucy Williams.

Eym has always been about making your space a sanctuary, about supporting and enhancing those little moments in your day, so when Lucy was decorating her beautiful new home we decided to match the glassware to two of her most sacred spaces, her blue snug, and her lilac hallway.

The rituals that surrounded these spaces were paramount. The snug is somewhere to get cosy, light the fire, pour a glass of wine or drink some tea, and burn REST, the sleepy one. The hallway is the entry point, so the moment you step into the house, you smell our new fragrance EDEN, the blissful one, full of violet leaf, cedarwood and neroli, created to promote feelings of serenity.

As always, we want to work with artisans, so alongside Laguna B, we involved new talent the artist Georgia Beaumont, to do the box illustration.

Each piece of glass is individual, made to be held onto and reused forever.